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This category mainly includes training programs for teachers and school managers, but also for other participants. UPTAK has 10 programs of this type having reached over 3000 participants. Most of these training programs are developed within international projects and are accredited by the MEST. “Education Programe for RAE girl .


UPTAK started implementing human rights projects in 2003, with the main focus on children's rights. Such projects have produced guidelines and methodologies for protection of children's rights in schools, violence prevention, and other activities that strengthen children’s rights. The protocol for the prevention of violence developed under this program was approved by the Government and is now being implemented in schools of Kosovo. Other projects in this area are those that deal with the rights of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. Although the focus of these projects is to ensure equal treatment of these communities in the society, they also address the issue of improving the quality of educational services provided to these communities.


UPTAK has implemented numerous networking and policy-making projects, with similar organizations of Kosovo and abroad, in order to build the capacity to participate in developing education and human rights policies. Such projects have made possible that the civil society in Kosovo


Research made by UPTAK is usually of applied rather than academic nature. The goal is to analyze certain education and science-related topics from the perspective of best practices or to conduct situational analysis and provide recommendations for improvement. In this regard, UPTAK undertakes research aimed at assessing the projects implemented by third parties, but also analyses that should inform decision-making on particular issues.

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Parent Teacher Association of Kosovo (UPTAK) is a non-governmental and not-for profit organization founded in 2001 by Catholic Relief Services, and registered in Kosovo. UPTAK is mainly focused in training of school staff in relation to the new teaching methodologies and leadership. Additionally UPTAK is active in other areas that support the advancement of the quality of education in Kosovo. UPTAK is focused in teacher training, education research and consultancy in education. UPTAK cooperates around 10 teacher-training programs developed to contribute to current reforms in the education system. So far, those programs have reached more than 1,000 practicing teachers in Kosovo. The Ministry of Education recognizes the training programs as requirements towards teacher certification. Additionally, uptak has participated in research projects on national and regional level, and has produced numerous technical reports and publications related to that work. Also, uptak has offered consultancy to the governmental and non-governmental sector in Kosovo.


To develop the capacity for advancing the education system by providing high quality services and resources, and by cooperating actively with all stakeholders in and outside the country.


Development of an effective and all-inclusive education system, which contributes to the sustainable economic and social development of the country by preparing citizens to become lifelong learners and to participate actively in a democratic life.

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