About us

Parent Teacher Association of Kosovo (UPTAK) is a non-governmental and not-for profit organization founded in 2001 by Catholic Relief Services, and registered in Kosovo. UPTAK is mainly focused in training of school staff in relation to the new teaching methodologies and leadership. Additionally UPTAK is active in other areas that support the advancement of the quality of education in Kosovo. UPTAK is focused in teacher training, education research and consultancy in education. UPTAK cooperates around 10 teacher-training programs developed to contribute to current reforms in the education system. So far, those programs have reached more than 1,000 practicing teachers in Kosovo. The Ministry of Education recognizes the training programs as requirements towards teacher certification. Additionally, uptak has participated in research projects on national and regional level, and has produced numerous technical reports and publications related to that work. Also, uptak has offered consultancy to the governmental and non-governmental sector in Kosovo.